Monday, January 11, 2010

The Devil is in the Details

Here are some details from the vintage, bohemian decor that we tried to cultivate, both crafted by professionals and by our own hands. Our goal was to find venues that already had very strong visual elements and atmosphere, and simply play off those. Which we did, and I highly recommend letting your venue steer your decorations. It's much cheaper than starting from scratch trying to create an atmosphere that isn't there at all.

Ring pillow: made by me, based off of a project I saw on

Flower urns at altar: Che Bella

Flowers above and in fountain: my sister, with a little help from some friends

Drink pitchers*: purchased at Cost Plus and Target. I made the little wooden tags, and my friends helped set them up that morning

Flowers on chairs: Che Bella

Menu: done by Bleu Boheme

Favor cards: designed and printed by Inkfancy. The cards state that in lieu of favors, we gave a donation to Stand Up 2 Cancer. But we did affix some fun little buttons, with design elements from our invitations, to each favor card (ordered from Minepress)

Table scape: Flowers by Che Bella, jars* found by me after scouring Ebay and Craigslist. We found more than 150 jars, but doesn't sound like much, but the whole restaurant was positively overflowing with flowers. The table runners were made by JT's mom with fabric I found on TonicLiving

Images by Aaron Thompson with a couple additions from Spencer Tuck.

*Looking for something similar for your own wedding? I'm selling these!


  1. Hey. We have the ring bearer's thingy. Want it back? :)

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  3. I like the flowers you used in your hanging flower display. What kind of flowers did you use for the altar? Thanks!

  4. Hey Raquel,

    The larger yellow ones that are at the ends of the garlands and floating in the fountain were marigolds. I'm not sure what the smaller yellow and green ones were be honest, my sister and I went to the wholesale flower shop and just picked out a bunch of whatever looked good! I think they might be mini chrysanthemums.

    If you check out this post, you can see a close-up photo of the flowers when we were making the garlands:
    Twas the Night Before

  5. They are little mums. I want to "borrow" this idea for my friends wedding at Marston. How did you make and hang the garlands??? Thanks!!!

  6. Good question, Emilia Jane!

    The garlands were made of fishing line. My sister cut the blooms off of the flowers and strung them on the fishing line using a needle. At the end of each garland, she put two large marigolds back to back and finished off the end with a large bead.

    The individual garlands were then all tied on the other end to a large branch cut from a tree at our house. We got a very long, very thin branch. VERY long...probably at least 8 feet.

    The fountain area at the Marston garden has a couple of potted plants hanging from a roof structure right over the fountain. We simply slid the branch into the hooks that the pots were hanging from. This is why the branch had to be thin, so that it would fit on the hooks and not be so heavy as to put any weight on them and damage them. However, I think they have since added a third pot right in the middle, so you may have to adjust my plan slightly.

    I hope this helps (and makes sense!)