Friday, July 10, 2009

Well Suited

This weekend, we'll be checking out the suit options for JT at those staples of classic clothing, Banana Republic and J Crew. They've got some promising looking options online, but I suspect shopping for a suit will be a lot like shopping for my gown - what looks good on the model in the ad doesn't always look good on you.

The one above is from J Crew, and the one below from BR.

This one is from John Varvatos, available at Nordstorm.

Three pieces for $795? Not too shabby. I love the look of a three-piece suit, but JT has a long torso, and the vests he's tried on in the past didn't work for him. The most important criterion with finding a suit will be finding something that doesn't look boxy. Boxy = bad. Boxy = unattractive. JT is a slim, small framed guy and won't want to look like a linebacker on our wedding day.

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