Wednesday, July 1, 2009

There's some tired words that would carry the meaning, but I'm still choking on the first one

In my day job, I do a lot of writing. And public speaking. And writing for other people who will do public speaking. But when it comes to having to write something deeply personal that expresses my love for my husband-to-be publicly (as in vows), that gives me some major writer's block. Actually, you couldn't even call it writer's block because I haven't gotten that far yet. JT is, being a professional journalist and all, and amazing writer (seriously, have you read anything he's written? If not, you should. Blows my mind.). But he also agrees that the idea of trying to write out our very intimate feelings for each other will be difficult.

We don't embrace any religion, so there's no guide post there for us. And I pretty much detest any kind of "traditional" vows because they are at best trite and at worst anti-feminist.

So where's a modern girl to turn for examples of great vows? Seriously, I'm asking you. All suggestions are welcome!


  1. i think you should ask jenny to write them ;)

    i couldn't do it. that's why i had dad write them.

  2. I figured that you would be one of the only people who would get the title of this post :)

  3. When in doubt I go to Rumi...

    Hope this inspires you!