Tuesday, July 7, 2009


For some reason, finding just the right pair of shoes is proving much more difficult than I thought. I've already expressed my discomfort with buying certain items online, and I'm having a hard time finding the kinds of shoes that I'm looking for in stores, so that's been causing me to delay purchasing anything.

Nonetheless, I've got a few more finalists. But I need help narrowing down some options. First, suede vs. satin:

Both of the above are from Steve Madden. Satin gives me more ability to perfect the color, because I can dye it myself. I always thought that there was something that felt icky and tacky about dyed shoes, but these Steve Madden options have such nice lines that I think they would actually be quite cute. However, suede would definitely be more wearable after the big day.

OK, next challenge: low heel vs. no heel:

As I've mentioned, JT is about the same height as me. So anything above a one inch heel means I will be taller than him. The first option is from Steve Madden and has a nice, low heel. The second from Nina is just over the too-tall border (a two inch heel), but the design is so cute and can be customized to be ordered in yellow.

So what do you think? Suede or satin? Low heel or no heel?

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