Monday, August 3, 2009

Cool Venue Option: Condor's Nest Ranch

Trying to help my recently engaged friend come up with some unique wedding venue options (she, too, is not a fan of the whole hotel-ballroom-thing), I stumbled across this venue. It didn't really work for the style of event that she and her fiance had in mind, but it was so darn cool, that I just had to share it with the world!

The Condor's Nest Ranch is way up in the northeast corner of the county, just shy of Temecula, really. It is the perfect mix of kitschy and down home farm, perfect for a hipster barbecue wedding!

What I loved most after checking out their website was not only how cute it was (I mean, that helps, a LOT!) but also the affordability and all the options for crafting your event. Their pre-planned packages break down to basically $100 per person, but that amount includes everything you could ever possibly need for a wedding, including food, beverages, bartenders, tables, linens, a DJ, all venue fees, set-up and clean up,'s a pretty darn good deal!

And if the pre-packaged plan isn't your thing, you can mix and match and play with all of their options a la carte, too. Even their menu has limitless options, ranging from super cute BBQ style (peach cobbler, at a wedding? I love it!) to rack of lamb to kobe beef sliders to tapas!

There's rooms for you and your family or guests to stay in overnight, and with no neighbors within earshot, your party really can go all night! And bonus points for the fact that the property is running over with adorable animals, from peacocks to llamas.

If I had found this place sooner during my planning process, it would have been a major contender!

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