Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Trial and Error

Tonight I had my first makeup trial. I saw first, because there will be others. This artist came recommended by someone I trust, so I was holding out good hopes for the appointment, even though I've rarely been happy after having my makeup done by someone else.

Since we've got a lot of vintage flair to our wedding, I was thinking of going with an old Hollywood kind of make up style. You know, red lips, black eye-liner. Here's an example of one of the photos I brought in as a guide:

I'm generally pretty comfortable with heavy makeup in the past, but lately I've been wearing less and less. And just about every wedding resource out there says "don't go nuts with your makeup -- you'll want to look natural and look like yourself." Well, I felt like the end result was very dramatic, nowhere near natural. Not that it was necessarily a bad thing, and I still looked like "myself," just myself in very dramatic makeup.

Looking at the picture, it doesn't look nearly as dramatic as it did in person. In fact, the picture looks pretty darn good, but I think the flash is washing it out a bit, making the colors less pronounced. JT agrees that, in person, it looked more dramatic (the blush in particular). So I'm not sure what to dramatic OK? Will people think I've gone overboard? Will I look way too made up? Or should I just embrace being super glamorous?


  1. i think it looks good, and agree that the flash is washing you out. dramatic = okay, especially when wearing your wedding gown! you will look perfect on the big day. i'll be there to reign in any overzealous blush applications.

  2. In the photo you posted the make-up looks wonderful... lovely in fact. Although I would suggest on your next run that you tone the blush back anyway; rule of thumb: choose 2 features to accentuate, period.

    What you have to keep in mind, and I suggest discussing with your make-up artist and photographer, is that make-up "reads" differently when photographed. really consider this if you plan on having a mix of black/white and standard photographs done. Your make-up may have to be applied a bit heavy-handed for your pics to come out wonderfully.

    In general I think you carry off old Hollywood glam look fabulously :-)

  3. Embrace your inner glam!

    I love it and you will look muy bonita wihout on camera flash.