Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kiss and Makeup

Professional makeup and I had a bit of a falling out*. I'm super picky to begin with, but the fact that I have to pay for each trial session I book with a makeup artist isn't helping, because I'm basically being penalized for being extra picky.

One of my friends suggested that I hit up the Laura Mercier counter in Fashion Valley, because she had had good results there. I never, ever thought that I'd get good results at a mall makeup counter, but I figured some free experimentation never hurt anyone.

I went in with a totally different approach than that first professional trial. Rather than showing the artist pictures and trying to create a specific look, I told very nice Laura Mercier artist, Jessica, that I was still trying to figure out my look and was hoping to get some suggestions. And this time, I brought along a friend for reinforcement, feedback and picture taking.

Jessica went a completely different way than the previous look I had tried. More natural, with slightly earthy green eye shadows and much subtler lips and cheeks. It really was a pretty great result -- nothing like I had originally thought I wanted, but I had to admit, the more natural and (dare I say) more "summery" look was actually kind of nice on me.

That said, when I got home, JT said that he missed the red lipstick. So, to try and blend the two styles, I changed up the lipstick. Bold lips, more natural on the rest.

Maybe this is the compromise I need? A little dramatic, not super dramatic? What do you all think?

*Incidentally, I just had to sink a ton of money into repairing my car. So to compensate, we're having to look for areas of the wedding budget we can tighten. Makeup might be one...so I might end up doing my own makeup after all.

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