Sunday, June 21, 2009

If I Had a Photograph of You

JT and I are lucky to have the families that we have. Granted, both of our families have really been put through the ringer lately, but seeing how they have been coping with having everyone's world turned upside down just reminds me of what amazing people our families truly are.

From the beginning, we've been trying to find small ways of honoring our families. Neither of us is religious, but we decided to include a reading from Corinthians to pay respect to those members of our family that are still active in the Catholic church. Recently, we decided against having a travel registry in favor of a donation-based Stand Up 2 Cancer registry to honor not only my sister but also the other family members that have battled the disease.

At JT's brother's wedding, he and his wife honored their families by placing family photos throughout the reception. The photos were a wonderful tribute (and it seems a popular one, as suggested in the above real wedding photo by Twin Lens via Style Me Pretty), but we'd like to find a way to honor the family without copying that idea exactly...and so far, I have no ideas. Other than photos, what would be a great way to show those people closest to you how much they mean to you?


  1. hmmm... you're already doing a fantastic job. let me see what i can come up with.

    how about including some of their wedding songs/music, perhaps played in an obvious block if you don't want it to cramp your regularly scheduled musical agenda? or using someone's song/s for a special dance or two?

    i know we already talked about candles. photos, you've covered. how about a table with an arrangement including their favorite flowers and a few momentos?

    it's late, so i might be stretching a bit, and these ideas could seem ridiculous during normal waking hours.

  2. bits,

    I love those ideas! Especially including some of their wedding songs and the favorite flowers/momentos. I will figure out a way to work them in.

  3. Yeah, I already know what my parents' song is so that shouldn't be a problem.