Monday, June 1, 2009

Run Into Flowers*

We met with Che Bella again this weekend to go over some more details. I love selecting vendors that have an artistic vision, especially when it comes to areas that I know nothing about, like flowers. Our floral landscape will include:


Ladies Mantle

Chocolate Dahlias (I'm told that these are technically black dahlias, but because of the whole murder connection, most florists don't call them that anymore)

Yellow Yarrow

Scabiosa Pods (I had never seen them before, but I LOVE them!)

*Yes, M83's "Run into Flowers" is indeed on our wedding playlist.


  1. love the pods, too! i think we need to scrounge up some chocolate cosmos, too. please!

    adore crespedia. grew ladie's mantle from the cape house in our brambleton back yard. grew yarrow there, too.

    dahlias are stunning. i'm always jealous of domi's seemingly abundant supply.