Monday, June 15, 2009


Once again, my originality has totally been called into question. Here I am thinking I'm so unique for coming up with all these cool details, only to see this awesome wedding as shot by Beulah Anne featured on Once Wed:

The crespedia, the mason jars, the hair accessory by Portobello...apparently I'm totally on trend! Or way behind, considering this wedding already occurred and ours is in November.


  1. well, did they get not one, but t-w-o polaroid digital 320s (chortle) AND a polaroid sun600 lms for a whopping grand total of one dollar for their weddings? no. no they did not. nor did their sisters.

    the good thing is, the cameras were so cheap, now we can afford the film.

    you can download the AWESOME user guide for the 320 here: it features a comical bird to enhance your "digital phot fun."

  2. p.s. we have the basket they used for their scrolls. it was mom's, so we are officially way ahead, because you know she got that a hundred years ago with some fake flower arrangement.