Thursday, May 14, 2009

I Would Dye for You

By now you've seen me post a couple of items about colorful shoes that I've found on Zappos and YOOX. Despite my online searching, I have a confession to make: I hate buying anything online if it is going to go on my body. The only exception to this is sometimes jewelry. But clothes and shoes...I really dislike the idea of not being able to try things on. Plus, fabrics and colors often end up looking different in person. I'm super fickle about how things look on me and how they fit, so buying clothing items online usually ends in disappointment for me.

I recently bought a cute, super comfortable pair of black RocketDog ballet flats (at a store, not online). I saw that they had the same pair in a light ivory color and thought "boy, those would look great with my dress."

But I really wanted to embrace the whole colorful shoes thing. Then I came home, found the new issue of Martha Stewart Living in my mailbox, opened up and found this:

A "Good Thing" about dyeing canvas sneakers. So I'm thinking "What if I got the RocketDog shoes in ivory and tried dyeing them marigold?" Sure, they aren't canvas, and they are ivory, not white, but they are also only $30. So if it doesn't work, it would hardly be the end of the world. What do you think? Worth a shot?

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