Friday, March 13, 2009

Gown shopping, round 2

After the laid-back shopping experience at Nicole Miller, I'm heading out for what will likely be a very different experience at the Claire Pettibone boutique in Beverly Hills. I totally love Claire's designs and know that I can't afford 90% of them. However, I'm hoping that one or two of the dresses that are on the low end of their collection will work for me. Here are some possibilities:

This one is a little above what my max price range is, but it's so beautiful, I think I'll have to try it on.

I'm sure most people would advise me that I shouldn't even try on dresses that I know I can't afford, because I'd just be torturing myself. But I have a secret trick up my sleeves: I plan on seeking out these same gowns through consignment shops that specialize in buying up designer samples (More on that in future posts)!

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