Thursday, March 5, 2009

Things That Scare Me

I'm kind of terrified by the idea of dress shopping. Being swallowed alive by some tulle monstrousity that a sales girl convinced you to try on? Clingy white fabrics showing off every day I skipped the gym? Spending hours in bridal salons without finding anything that feels like "me"? Or worse, falling in love with a gorgeous dress only to find out it costs twice what I can afford to pay? All frightening scenarios.

I have my first gown shopping appointment this weekend at the Nicole Miller boutique in La Jolla. I have high hopes, for two reasons. First, their bridal line is very affordable (I don't think anything is priced above $2,000). Second, their collection has a lot of dresses that I don't think look like your typical wedding gown (as my sister can tell you, I'm also afraid of looking too "bridey"). I plan on checking these out at my appointment:

And my favorite of the collection:

Since it's a small boutique, I'm hoping it will be a good first dress shopping experience and a way of easing me into the bigger salons that I'll be visiting later this month. And despite my nerves about the experience, I am excited to see these dresses in person.

Oh, and another thing...I plan on bringing JT with me to go gown shopping. Most people find this VERY odd when I tell them that. But I just can't imagine making such a huge purchase without his input. After all, I'm gonna help him pick out his suit, so why shouldn't he help me pick out my dress? What are your thoughts on the idea?

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