Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Great Venue Search: El Camino

El Camino is a quirky, hipster, Mexicana-themed restaurant in South Park, which also happens to be our hood. It's flooded with pink lighting, there's vinyl graphics of mariachis on the walls, and a couple of TV monitors are continuously running movies where luchadors are the main characters. JT and I thought this would make a really creative venue possibility...our minds raced with ideas of sugar skull favors, Dia de los Muertos inspired cake toppers, and loteria cards as save-the-dates.

The upside: An affordable menu, between $30-40 per person. The downside: The place would be a very, very tight fit for our 80 guests. And though we think the theme is pretty damn cool, our more conservative extended family (especially those that did not spend their formative years in southern California) might not find the Virgin Mary and Jesus lights on the wall to be as amusing as we do.

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