Sunday, March 29, 2009

Gown Shopping II, Electric Boogaloo

So with my sister in town this week, I have been taking her back to some of the dress shopping locations to see my favorites and help me come to some sort of decision. Revisiting each place has been great -- much better than the first time around. We've uncovered some great nuggets of awesomeness at each stop so far. We revisited Nicole Miller, and were pleasantly surprised to find out that 1. the discountinued gown was not yet sold out, and 2. the gown below comes in a new color! It's called "latte," and it's very similar to this color but a little less pink and a bit closer to ivory.

On our revisting of the White Dress, we had a very interesting experience. The three that I had tried on before, all got thrown out of contention. My sister convinced me to try on a Reva Mivasagar dress "just for fun," because it looked so cool hanging on the rack...little did we expect that it would look so great! Once again, as with the previous dresses I posted about from the White Dress, the picture is not a good representation. The fabric has lots of delicate embroidery and lace detail. It was fabulous.

Going back to all these places is definitely helping me narrow things down. I have a clear frontrunner at this point...should I tell you? JT doesn't want to know what gown I pick -- do you? Or would you all like to be surprised when the big day arrives?

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