Thursday, March 26, 2009

Venue Ideas: The Linkery

As you know, JT and I have decided on our venue and are quite pleased with it. However, I'd still like to share some of the other places that we considered when we began hunting. Just because they weren't right for us doesn't mean they won't be right for someone else, and obviously there's something special about each place, otherwise we wouldn't have ever considered them.

The Linkery is a fantastic farm-to-table restaurant in North Park. We've been fans since it first opened up in the smaller location back on the corner or 30th & Upas. Now that they've moved into larger digs, it's even better!

For the quality of the food, I find the prices to be totally reasonable. And if you are a beer lover, then you will never want to leave. There beer menu dwarfs their food menu significantly.

With the overall earthiness of both the red and brown decor and the culinary philosophy, we thought this was a great potential venue. However, they don't do full venue buyouts. They can seat 80 in the regular dining section, but in the interest of keeping true to their regular customers, the front seating area would still be open to the public. But if your party is smaller, they have a private dining room in the back that can accommodate up to 40. Too small for what we wanted to do, but since we love their food so much (and their philosophies on dining in general), we will probably be using this for our rehearsal dinner!

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