Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Different Kind of Bridal Show

Wedding industry shows happen pretty regularly in San Diego. I've never really had much interest in going, because I try to stay away from "typical" vendors. I prefer finding hidden gems. This weekend, San Diego is having yet another installment of the Thread designer trunk showcase. It's basically a giant warehouse set up with trunk shows from lots of indie designers (clothes, jewelry, other accessories). They hipster-up the event with DJs, a bar, and a couple of art installations too.

I'd been once before and remember seeing lots of great, unique accessories, mostly jewelry and handbags, so I thought I'd check it out again specifically looking for wedding hair pieces and jewelry.

I didn't find a whole lot that excited me in the way of jewelry, but I did find a couple of noteworthy designers for hair accessories. The first is Fine Line Accessories.

Her designs incorporate a lot of feathers, so that's always a plus in my book. I saw a few of her designs at Be Beauty in Little Italy as well, and they were pretty darn cute on me.

The next cool designer I found was Rachel Larraine.

Rachel has a lot of funky designs that incorporate tulle for that hint of veil. You can find her designs at a few boutiques in San Diego (including the very chic M Bride in La Jolla), but you can also find her on Etsy.

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