Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Color Me In

I didn't set out to find a wedding venue that would match a specific "look" that I had in mind for my wedding...quite the opposite. JT and I thought it best to find a cool venue that had a vibe we were natural drawn to and then match our theme to that venue.

So when it came to selecting a color palette, I didn't have any particular colors in mind. Bleu Boheme has, of course, a lot of blue in it's decor, but I wasn't really keen on the idea of a mostly blue wedding. It just seemed like a very safe, typical wedding color.

Instead, I tried to pick up on some of the other colors that were more subtley included in the decor. Like yellow.

And green. And brown, from all the exposed wood. Then, searching for wedding inspiration on Snippet and Ink, I found these two inspiration boards:

If these two boards had a baby, it would be our color theme: moss green, marigold yellow and chocolate brown. I'm so in love with the colors, that I could marry them. I guess I kind of am!

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