Monday, May 18, 2009

After debating the honeymoon for several months, we've finally decided. Barcelona was a front runner, but after talking with someone who has recently been there, we thought that maybe we wouldn't want to spend the whole week just in Barcelona. So the winner is...

Barcelona and Cannes! We'll begin with 4 nights in Barcelona, soaking up lots of culture and sangria, and then we'll head over to Cannes for three nights of a more chill pace, relaxing seaside. It was surprisingly affordable -- the difference between the three-way ticket and the round-trip ticket to one of the cities was only about $100 more.

JT and I are not big on having a lot of "stuff." We'd much rather spend our money having great experiences traveling and dining than amassing lots of things that will take up space in our home. So when we got engaged, we talked about creating a honeymoon registry (where guests can contribute to your honeymoon through an online account) in addition to a regular registry. I've only known one other person who has done this -- a former coworker used The Big Day for hers, which I contributed to when I attending her wedding. It was a good system, but their fees seem a little high. Another one that seems to be popular is Travelers Joy. Have any of you used one (either as a guest or as a bride/groom)?

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