Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Internet Find: YOOX for Shoes

We all know about Zappos. Yes, you gotta love that when you order from them, you get your shoes pretty immediately, and you can ship them back for free if they don't work out. But searching for marigold-colored ballet flats on Zappos left me relatively unimpressed. YOOX, however, turned up pages and pages of awesome results, including some by truly noteworthy designers.

Top to bottom: Obeline, RAS, Chloe and Blowfish.

And just to show you how much of a range you can find, the Chloes sell for $230 while the Blowfish pair comes in at a whopping $35.


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  2. I love the RAS and the blowfish. Most importantly, they need to be COMFORTABLE. Another note on comfort, which might be TMI, is underwear. I had bra cups worked into my gown so I wouldn't have to wear bra. Corsets on your wedding day be damned. The only piece of underwear I had on was a pair of white boxer briefs that my mom sowed a blue ribbon to for my "something blue. It sounds unorthodox but I was so comfortable I forgot I was wearing anything. Your man loves you so he won't care if you're wearing something sexy underneath anyway. Matt thought it was hilarious that I was wearing men's underwear, actually. Definitely, TMI.