Friday, May 1, 2009

DIY sure, but who sets it up?

My poor blog (and my poor wedding plans!) has been so neglected this past week. Hopefully work will finally calm down next week, and JT and I will be able to buckle down and spend some quality wedding planning time together. Despite the occasional confusions or frustrations, we both are really enjoying this process. Planning a wedding together is really fun.

But on the note of being frustrated and confused...DIY wedding projects. On the on hand, I love the idea of hand crafting decor items so that I can have them exactly they way I want them. Plus, DIY is usually a money saver. I got all jazzed up about DIYing ceremony decorations after seeing this wedding on A Practical Wedding:

How gorgeous are those ribbons? I thought about translating this ribbon tree idea into some kind of branch alter structure, or hanging bunches of these all around the nooks and crannies of the Marston House gardens.

BUT...after I make them all, who hangs them? We can't hang them up the night before - it's a public garden, and we only have it reserved for the morning of ceremony. Who knows how many would fall down or, ahem, "walk off." And obviously I can't put them up that morning because I'll be getting ready. As will my Maid-of-Honor sister and Bridesmaid sister-in-law. Same goes for all the men.

And what about the reception? I love the jars full of flowers that are shown with the table numbers in my previous post, and we could very easily buy jars and loose flowers and fill them, but who sets them up? And who delivers them to the restaurant in the morning? We can't very well ask a small and busy restaurant to hold 200 jars of flowers on a Friday night. Any of you that have DIY'd your wedding and held it somewhere other than your backyard or parents' house but somewhere where you only have a short access window? If so, we'd love your tips!


  1. the waitstaff or florist will put the flowers in the jars and set up the numbers. we'll either have them use the jars we saw at the venue, or drop off our own during the few days before. and by "we," i mean not you.

    i have been scheming on the ribbon flowers. it involves yardsticks and a few minor preparations at the site, again, during the couple of days before. super stealth, nothing to get torn down. whoever sets up the ceremony site that morning will be able to put them up. easy peasy. (maybe we really should talk more about krista coming down for the day!)

  2. This is the exact problem my fiance and I are facing..So far no solutions but I will let you know if anything comes up!

  3. While I did hire a florist, I did put together a lot of items myself like framed photos for the tables, menu cards, seating cards and the guest book with a polaroid camera and film. I handed all of these things over to the florist and the restaurant manager where we had the reception. They did not disappoint. I think the trick is to give them some directions but then remember not to be disappointed if things aren't done exactly like you want. I remember being surprised at how some things were handled but in a good way. No, everything wasn't placed exactly how I would have done it myself but I was having way too much fun to care. Lastly, I am your sister in law. I'm not in the wedding party and therefore, am not tied down by other responsibilities. I do have a decent design sense (ahem) so I'm happy to offer my services wherever I'm needed on the day of. Just a thought...

  4. This would be a job for a Day-of-coordinator or event coordinator if you had one. I am working on getting more experience in this field (I'm an artistic coordinator right now and want to switch to weddings) if you want to talk. Or get a good, trustworthy friend who is not in the wedding party to take care of these set-up tasks. The best wedding I went to was completely made by the bride and groom's friends and family - It was amazing!