Friday, May 8, 2009

Unique Hair Accessories from Be Something New

I am addicted to searching out cool hair accessories on Etsy. I could spend days on fact, I have.

Today's find is Be Something New. Their collection of headbands is absolutely gorgeous. They would be perfect for completing a wedding ensemble, but could also be worked into your everyday wardrobe.

I love the messy structure of the ribbon headband. And marigold colored feathers? You know I'm all over that one.

With many of their items falling in the $25-40 dollar range, the prices can't be beat!


  1. I still think you should check out Grammatique... she's a San Diego designer who uses a lot of feathers and bright yellows. She's sold out in her Etsy (don't know if she's still using it) but sells a lot at Basic and the OB Farmer's Market, Thread, etc... Since she's local she'll also do a custom order. I was just at her studio, filled with lots of bright feathers in so many colors, fabrics, vintage curios. Lately she's been using pieces of vintage 45's in the hair pieces and jewelry. (She promised me a hair clip made from a Stevie Wonder 45). Very reasonably priced, too.
    -Another SD Bride

  2. God lord, I'm feeling super disappointed on the traditional wedding veil/tiara/hair accessories front. My wedding look is uber simple, off-the-rack vintage Lanvin (thank you Encore of La Jolla). Thus, everything is much too frou-frou and/or expensive in comparison. So. I've decided to whip something up myself. Perhaps a combination of:

    A Jennifer Ouellete headband or accessory, famous thanks to "Gossip Girl" sightings, and now @20% off @

    A vintage hat veil from eBay:
    Query "HAT VEIL NEW OLD STOCK", approx $15.99 a pop.

    Plus a DIY Birdcage veil how-tos:

    Really, why not?

    Ozella "The Bride" Brown