Saturday, April 11, 2009

And What Would Go Under the Cake Topper?

Maybe it seems like we are going backwards, choosing the cake topper before the cake. But I don't really have a strong preference for how I want our cake to look. Rather, I have a strong preference for how I want it to taste (JT agrees).

Let's all face it: fondant cakes look beautiful, but taste terrible (I know, there's ONE person out there who disagrees with me, but I firmly believe she is the only person I know that enjoys the taste of fondant). So the quest is to find a buttercream cake that's as visually appealing as a fondant one will be a bit tricky.

I recently learned that Twiggs, a coffeehouse in University Heights, also makes wedding cakes. Check out this beautifully decorated cake from their buttercream gallery:

And this cake is fab! It's practically already a perfect match for our wedding style. Just update the color of the leaves to green, and we'd be all set.

This simple design would be perfect for highlighting a cutesy cake topper, especially if the topper was a pair of birds.

Now, I haven't actually tasted any of Twiggs cakes yet, but the flavors sound darn good: a belgian chocolate with chocolate mousse, a double chocolate with raspberry (one of JT's favorite flavor combos), and a chocolate paired with cream cheese frosting (say what you will, but I LOVE cream cheese frosting!). Can you tell we're chocolate fans?


  1. Well most fondant do taste awful! But there is a new beast on the market and it taste out of this world! Fondarific has a buttercream flavored rolled fondant. Check it out at or pictures of cakes with fondarific at

  2. Check out Sweet Cheeks Baking Company!! They are creative, their cakes taste amazing and the owners are super cool.

  3. i love the finish on #3. i think it would pair nicely with your topper. twigs + a sprinkle of paper botanical accents = whimsical bomenian woodland creature playground.

    agreed, #2 would be perfect for your wedding, but i don't think it will coordinate with your fine fuzzy duo.

    ps. fondant is the yum.

  4. Fondant is disgusting. We almost didn't have a wedding cake thanks to the evilness of fondant. Anyway, four thumbs up on any sort of chocolate cake. It's the only kind of cake that should exist. Finally, cake number #3 is screaming to attend your wedding and have those little birds sit on top, seriously.