Thursday, April 23, 2009

Flowers vs. Feathers

Truthfully, I haven't had any super specific ideas for how I want to do my hair...just sort of vague notions. This is partly because I have enlisted the amazingly talented stylist who cuts my hair to do my hair for the wedding, and I plan on letting her guide me in my hairstyle choices (yes, this is how much I trust her).

So I've been thinking something along the lines of a low, side swept bun. With a super cool accessory of course. At first, I thought for sure I'd just pick a simple but dramatic flower. Like this one from Brenda's Bridal Veils.

But lately, I've been drawn in by all the gorgeous feather hair accessories to be discovered on Etsy. Like this one from Portobello.

And really, when else will I be able to pull off a feathered hair accessory?

But, perhaps my problems have been solved with Velvet Owl! A flower with feathered accents! The yellow matches our color palette wonderfully too, but I'd have to see about swapping out the blue flower for perhaps something green (or more yellow).


  1. I ended up going with a huge live gardenia myself. Of course, I can't ever use it again but I chose to go fresh because of the scent which was really fragrant all day. I didn't even have to wear perfume (not that I normally do). If I could get away with wearing one every day, I would because nobody has learned how to bottle that scent without having it smell too perfumey. Just a thought...

    Out of these, I like the top one best. Of course, it looks the most like a gardenia. I think you can see a pattern here. I have no idea how much they are but has some cute stuff too. I specially like the feather flower called brianna.

  2. it has to be velvet owl, solely by virtue of the name! how awesome is that?! maybe they can do a birdcage blusher for you with a detachable feather/flower piece so you can just wear the blusher for the ceremony and wear the flower again for the reception.