Thursday, April 16, 2009

Let's Get Out of This Country

Where to go for our honeymoon has been the hot topic of conversation around the house for the past couple of weeks. We had pretty much settled on Barcelona, because we have been wanting to go there for several years but kept putting it off.

However, Barcelona has developed quite a reputation for street crime against tourists. Now, neither of us are the type of person to walk around with a giant map and a t-shirt that says "I Heart America," so I don't think that we'd be walking targets or anything, but having to constantly watch my purse for people sticking their hands in it while I'm on my honeymoon could be kind of a bummer.

On the plus side, Barcelona would be like heaven for two sangria-loving carnivores like JT and me.

But, being a little put off by the whole street crime thing, we looked at couple of other options and also fell in love with the idea of going to Dublin. Plus, with Ireland being so small, we could easily take little side trips out to the countryside.

Ireland has a safety-related catch too, and it has to do with driving. Obviously the whole left-side-of-the-road thing would be new (meaning our inexperience with it makes us somewhat of unsafe drivers). And it turns out the Ireland has the second highest rate of auto fatalities in the world (first is Greece!).

Now, don't get me wrong - I'm not really scared for our safety in either of these places. My indecision as to where to go lies more in the fact that I really want to go to both places!! Both would be romantic, but in very different ways.

Have you been to either of these places? If so, what were your experiences there?


  1. Hey there, I'm a friend of Jenn Michelle's and live in Dublin. She asked me to advise you!
    I would be happy to do so - can you let me know when you will be travelling and for how long? You could easily do both Barcelona and Dublin as they are only a couple of hours flight apart. Plus flights are cheap and frequent. Also your comments about the road deaths in Ireland are valid, but we have an issue here with young men speeding and drink driving, which is the reason for many of these deaths. Its not really all that dangerous, I promise!
    Anyway if you'd like info/ advice feel free to ask - I'm Linda Talbot on Facebook if you want to message me there (don't want to post my email address here). Regards, Linda

  2. I was in Barcelona for several days in 2000. The only problem i had was a friend stupidly losing a bunch of money to one of those street "where is the ball" games. but of course I'm scarier than you and JT;) I wouldn't try to do both (the potential for additional travel stress), but both would be great destinations. Do you want sun and fun? or beer and quaint;)?