Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Veiled Interest

From day one, I knew I wouldn't want to wear a full veil. During the many dress shopping experiences, every time someone slapped a veil on my head, I cringed (internally). I had kind of thought that maybe a vintage inspired birdcage veil would be fun. At my first visit to the White Dress, they gave me one to try one, and sadly, I wasn't really digging it.

But then, once I had my dress selected, I tried the birdcage again. Totally different vibe this time. I think not having the right dress to pair it with was throwing me off the first time. Tell me what you think!

Of course, you don't know which dress I selected (most of you, that is) so you can't get the full visual. But my sister claims that it is so cute that she almost wet herself. Her words.


  1. Hey Candice - Krista here, Jenn's friend. Was just browsing your blog and saw that you are considering a birdcage veil and alot of the girls on The Knot (LA board) when I was getting married had birdcage veils made by Etsy.com vendor Twigs & Honey. Just passing that along if you decide to go that route. They all raved about this vendor. Good luck!

  2. Oh ya, and I think it looks darling on you!

  3. Or try Rachel Larraine www.RachelLarraine.com she does incredible hand made pieces that are affordable. One of a kind stuff! She is about to take the SD Wedding scene by storm.