Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cool Wedding Music, Volume II

You may recall me posting a few weeks back about a feature that JT and his brother wrote on cool music for weddings. As I mentioned in that post, having good music at our event is pretty much non-negotiable. Every song played will be awesome, because we will choose each and every one and pre-program a playlist. No DJ slipping in "Baby Got Back" anywhere.

The first part of this feature article was written by JT's brother and was posted on Inkfancy's blog. Well, you can now read the article in it's entirety, including section two's list of great first dance songs and a lovely introduction from JT, on Treble.

So, check out some great first dance songs that won't cause you to lose your indie cred, all while enjoying JT's fabulous writing skills. Not that I'm a fan or anything...

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