Sunday, April 5, 2009

I Heart AS Too!

Since I'm a photographer in my own small way, obviously finding a photographer for our wedding would be a big challenge. Throw in the fact that I don't have $5,000 to spend on photography, and it becomes an even bigger challenge. JT and I have been pouring over photographer's websites for months (well, 2 months to be exact), trying to find someone who was not only a talented photographer with a unique viewpoint but that was also affordable and a good fit with us personality-wise. We finally found the perfect combination in one Mr. Aaron Thompson! Check out these bits of awesomeness.

Hopefully Aaron won't mind me "borrowing" these rad images from his own blog. You can check out more fabulous stuff at his site

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  1. The future hubby + I have come up with a list of wedding photographer "instant disqualifications:"

    1) The jumping bride and groom shot. It's the "oh what a feeling to drive ... Toyota!!" commercial, except it's your wedding. WTF.
    2) Tastless PDAs. Call me conservative, but I do not want a silver gelatin print of my hubby sh%@-faced drunk and/or grabbing my booty. Creepy.
    3) Annoying music on the photographer's website. Michael Booblay must die.

    This has taken out most of the SD contenders ... then we stumbled upon Paperwhites Photography:

    OC + LA based, they're a female photo duo with a knack for documentary portraiture; e.g. they pay attention to all your wedding folks, with very little schlock.

    Ozella "The Bride" Brown

    P.S. Yes, there is music with their website, but I can always forgive Nina Simone.